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  1. paradoxG(r)eek

    XR Product Manager Category identifier for Notices

    Hello Chris, If it's not a big deal, could you please tell me what restriction I can set, so the notice that I've created, appears only on this link: Have tried with Page Information-> Selected navigation tab is: ->...
  2. paradoxG(r)eek

    XR Product Manager 2.0.0 Beta 3 (Unsupported) released

    Hello Chris, Renewal is available only with Stripe payments? Not PayPal? Also, renewal grants permission to download this version? Thank you Chris
  3. paradoxG(r)eek

    XR Product Manager Product extras question

    Hello Chris, As I've temporary disabled my xF installation can you tell me with just a Yes/No, if is possible to attach file to Product Extras? Example: I've a free product with its file to download. I want to setup 2 extras: 1.- Brand Free and attach to this a PHP file 2.- Unencoded version...
  4. paradoxG(r)eek

    XR Product Manager Upload location

    Loved that "long story short"..... Fixed my headaches :)
  5. paradoxG(r)eek

    XR Product Manager Upload location

    Hello, If I understood well, by editing a product, editing/deleting the attachment is not possible. Am I right? Then I tried to locate in webspace and/or in database, but didn't found anything. Is the uploaded file stored in BLOB field? I've uploaded for testing purposes an image as product...
  6. paradoxG(r)eek

    XR Product Manager Paypal email, Product Extras

    Hello, It's 3 days now that I've stucked waiting a reply to my post in Customer forum Just now, making a hover over the title I read "Forum for Xen Media Customers only". Is this correct? For what I seen reading the threads...