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Hi Chris, I got a question related to XR Product Manager. I want my users to sell products as well, like a multivendor store. This will obviously include them to add their own payment methods. Does it has this feature?
Chris D
Chris D
No I don’t think I’ll go down that route, unfortunately.
Do you know something like it? I'm searching an addon to make a multivendor/multimarket store. :(
Hi Chris, I recently bought Xen Notices, and was wondering what the full functions of the redactor include. I would like to increase the font size for certain parts of my notice, but even with explicit HTML written in, it does not seem to reflect. Any ideas?

Thank you so much for creating this module.

Mac Seah
Chris D
Chris D
XF is a bit over zealous in its "reset" of normal CSS. You may need to wrap your notice content in the following:

<div class="baseHtml">
Your notice content here

The content inside the baseHtml element should then work with all of the Redactor controls.
Hello I just bought the xen notices, but I am not able to use it - as I use an older version of xenforo(1.4)
Can you email me the link of xen notice that supports xenforo version 1.4, thanks!
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you Santha. I have started a conversation with you here and attached Notifications version 1.8.1 which is very similar to Xen Notices but it works with XF 1.4.
The updates given for Xenproduct manager in the past 4 months are kind of sad, especially considering the price. Updates please!
Are you planning on releasing the FetchApp license claim feature? Despite the length of time I've been migrated, there are still a few people that haven't claimed licenses for my add-ons...
Chris D
Chris D
I certainly could do - I didn't think any one would be interested. It's a separate add-on for XPM.
I love your Product Manager addon... outstanding!!!!

interested in creating incoming mail addon?
how do you have your page width controller set up in style properties??