XR Product Manager 2.0.0 released

Chris D

Xen Resources Developer
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XR Notices
Again, thank you to everyone who has upgraded to the 2.0.0 Beta in order to help test and provide feedback, it has been valuable and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. As a result of the feedback and several bug reports which are now resolved it is now time to release a fully supported stable release of XR Product Manager 2.0.0!

Now is probably a good time to remind you (in case you've not seen the previous updates) what is new in 2.0:
  • Slight name change and new add-on ID: XR/PM
  • Categorise products with product categories (existing products moved to a default category).
  • New per-category permissions system.
  • All admin related product management tools moved to the Admin CP.
  • Integration with XF2's new purchasable and payment provider system.
  • Simplified checkout process which no longer uses a shopping cart system.
  • Product thumbnails as a dedicated attachment type.
  • Product thumbnail size is configurable in options.
  • Product optional extras can now be purchased any time.
  • More granular control over what coupons can be applied to e.g. specific (and multiple) extras and multiple products.
  • Fairly extensive purchase searching in the Admin CP.
  • Custom product fields.
  • Ability to control notifications sent out when releasing a new version, allowing a combination of sending alerts/emails to purchasers.
  • Ability to post product updates into a specified forum.
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Thanks again for all of your support and patience.