XR Product Manager 2.0.0 Beta 3 (Unsupported) released

Chris D

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Welcome to XR Development and more importantly welcome to XR Product Manager 2.0!

It has taken longer than I had hoped to get this released, but slowly and surely I've been working away at it and I'm pleased to finally announce its impending release.

Before its eventual stable release, there will be a number of beta releases, starting at Beta 3! (Thank you to Russ and Steve from PixelExit for their help and feedback so far).

First though, yes, this site is now under a new name (XR Development) and as a result the name of the product has changed to XR Product Manager (or XR PM if you prefer). The site will be updated soon with a new design.

As ever, the upgrade to a 2.0 compatible version of an add-on is a major change. Therefore, whether you try the stable version or the beta version I'm releasing now, I'd strongly recommend testing the upgrade on a test installation first. If you don't have a test installation, please take a full backup of your site files and database and be prepared to restore from that backup in case anything goes wrong.

XR Product Manager at its heart is still focused on digital downloads/licenses, though a number of improvements have been made, and you can read about those below.

I hope you enjoy the new version. If you'd like to give it a try, it will be available to download for all existing customers with an active purchase via the Your purchases page. If your purchase has expired, you will need to renew before being able to download the new version.

For a slightly more detailed look at the products features, including updated screenshots, check out the product details here: XR Product Manager
  • Slight name change and new add-on ID: XR/PM
  • Categorise products with product categories (existing products moved to a default category).
  • New per-category permissions system.
  • All admin related product management tools moved to the Admin CP.
  • Integration with XF2's new purchasable and payment provider system.
  • Simplified checkout process which no longer uses a shopping cart system.
  • Product thumbnails as a dedicated attachment type.
  • Product thumbnail size is configurable in options.
  • Product optional extras can now be purchased any time.
  • More granular control over what coupons can be applied to e.g. specific (and multiple) extras and multiple products.
  • Fairly extensive purchase searching in the Admin CP.
  • Custom product fields.
  • Ability to control notifications sent out when releasing a new version, allowing a combination of sending alerts/emails to purchasers.
  • Ability to post product updates into a specified forum.


New Member
Hello Chris,

Renewal is available only with Stripe payments? Not PayPal? Also, renewal grants permission to download this version?

Thank you

Chris D

Xen Resources Developer
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I’ve removed PayPal for now (from this site, obviously owners of the software can still use PayPal and any other payment provider on their own site).

It’s just mostly because I don’t want money in loads of different accounts.

I can still accept PayPal manually if people can’t use Stripe.

Chris D

Xen Resources Developer
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XR Notices
And yes, renewal gives access to the latest versions for the next 12 months.