Xengallery import

Hi Chris,

I asked over on Xenforo but i guess it would be suited better asking here, Is there any issues or concerns when importing from Xengallery I should be aware of? Or has it generally went smoothly.



Chris D

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It has generally gone smoothly. Including a site that went from vBulletin to XenGallery to Xen Media Gallery that contains over 40,000 items.

Even though I don't foresee any issues, please still ensure your site is fully backed up and preferably the import has been tested on a test server first. It's just common sense really.
Ok - my site is always backed up, however, not sure really how to test on test server? I certainly have quite a few photos, also going from, VB, Xen gallery to Xenmediagallery. (I would have chosen your gallery first if you had a VB importer at the time I bought Xenforo!)