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Hi Chris!

I'm finding the base XenForo User Upgrades system incredibly basic. Too basic for our requirements. It's confusing the hell out of users.

Can we use Xen Product Manager to replace it? If so, can XPM offer users the choice of how much to pay for their upgrades, or does every product require a fixed cost?

Does XPM use the PayPal IPN system to allow users to manage / cancel their products from within the forum, rather than having to log into PayPal to cancel payment profiles? If so does this also mean we can cancel a user's products if we ban them, rather than have their PayPal profile still try to give us money if they've been banned?

Cheers! :D

Chris D

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I think we discussed a few things about using XPM for your needs before and we decided it probably didn't really work.

Certainly there's no automatic recurring billing in XPM, which I think was the main gotcha last time.

To answer the other questions, the products all require a fixed cost for the initial purchase and subsequent renewals (again, renewals need to be added to their cart, and go through the checkout process again rather than it being automatic).

It might be worth creating a thread in the XPM Suggestions forum. I'm not totally convinced I can see XPM going in that direction, but if I know your requirements in more detail I will see if there are any simple solutions.