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Forgive me if this should be obvious but I wasn't sure how "Albums" worked in the demo.

Are users able to create their own albums? Can User A upload a relevant photo to User B's album?

Or must all media be added to existing albums if you are going that album organized route?

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There's two ways to store media.

Categories defined by admins. Albums created by users.

You can use either categories or albums or both.

An admin can control which user groups can view or add media to a category.

An album owner can set who can view or add media to their album.

It's all there on the gallery so have a play and let me know if you want anything else explained in more details.


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One more question. Is there an option to disable the star ratings? My community can be quite drama inducing so we want only positive messages (likes) and want to remove the ability for users to troll one another with low ratings.