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If I understood well, by editing a product, editing/deleting the attachment is not possible. Am I right?

Then I tried to locate in webspace and/or in database, but didn't found anything. Is the uploaded file stored in BLOB field?

I've uploaded for testing purposes an image as product file and now that I want to attach the real zip file can't find any way todo it. So, I assume that my only possible way is to add a new version or repost the product.

Thank you

Chris D

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There isn't a single file for a product, a product is actually a collection of "versions" of files. With that in mind, when you create a product and upload the product, you are uploading the first version of that product.

Versions are stored using the XF attachment system, so they are stored in the same place amongst all of your other attachments; in the internal_data/attachments directory.

Anyway, long story short, to edit the file for a specific version go to the product and click the "Version History" tab. There you will see a list of versions, and by each version you can edit it by clicking the pencil icon.

From there you can upload a new file for the current version.