Is the gallery translation ready ?
It comes with any language files already translated ?
How to translate it in case there is no lang ready ?


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I only speak English so the add-on is entirely in English but it can be translated just like any part of XenForo or any add-on.

Some people have already translated Xen Media Gallery into German and Turkish.

You would be very welcome to translate Xen Media Gallery yourself to whatever language and release that in the XenForo Resource Manager if you'd like to share it :)


It uses .po files ? Or how its the way to do it ?
Hi Peter

Please don't use .po files or something like this. For the best translation do it with
Appearance => Phrases => Search Phrases
in a living XenForo. With this way you will be able to "see and feel" your translation on demand and you will be able to check:
  • Is there enough space for my wording?
  • Did the words in one section use the same family?
  • Is the translation consistence?

At some points it is better to use "your" words or special words of your language as a 1 to 1 wording translation. :)

I always translate the gallery together with the XenForo and the Recourse Manager to get a consistent result.
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Thank you, thats what i wanted to know, if its integrated to translate or not. Now just Photopost importer is the thing I need to buy 2 licences :D I Hope it happens soon.


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Hey and sorry guys for bumpin this thread, but I have a question that belongs to the translations.

I'm looking for a german Xen Media Gallery translation, but the only addon I've found seems to be offline. ;(
Does anyone have got a working german translation? :(