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I think the final, and most important missing feature of this add-on is the ability to split the payout from products.

The group I'm looking to pick this add-on up for is comprised of multiple developers and some freelancers, and rather than sending the money to one central account (paying paypal fees then), and then sending each developer their cut afterwards (and paying more fees for this second transaction). It would be nice if the person who creates a product can decide which accounts get what % of the cut from sales, since this add-on is designed for adding products through the front-end, it's like this feature was meant for the add-on from the beginning. Furthermore it'll be more manageable than dealing with a central account and a question of who gets paid what. Of course, there should be an option in the admin panel that allows us to set a % of payments to go to the central paypal account.
If you add this feature soon, that would be absolutely fantastic, I think I'd be sold if this was added. :) The script I linked is a good example of this potential feature!

We're not completely decided on purchasing Xen Product manager yet, one of our own developers wants to create an alternative for us, so...

At any rate, just how customizable is the product manager? That is, how hard would it be for us to add more options to the product creation field, and subsequently, the product view page?


Extra information:
I did some searching, and paypal calls these types of payments chained payments.
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Adding chained payments is certainly a logical progression, however, it would be a big change and as a result I can't guarantee when. But it is something I would like to do.