XR Product Manager Selling Physical Products

Babak Ajideh

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Hi Guys,

Sorry if this is a redundant or repeated question, I searched and could not find the answer though. I love Xenforo and the only thing that causes me to think about IP Board is its great Ecommerce plugin or whatever thing it is . Is Xen Product Manager something like that Ecommerce add-on in IP Board? I mean does it give the admin the ability of selling physical products to the Forum members?

Thank you

Chris D

Xen Resources Developer
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XR Notices
It's mostly digital products at this time. There might be other add ons available; it's best to post at the XenForo Community to ask what people recommend.


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I have not used this addon for a long time. Now i install it again, because i want to sell some strange things for the 1. of April. But why you cant use the addon for physical products?
Which functions do you miss? Im always looking for things to improve on my way to learn "xenforo", so i will be glad to hear more.