Putting Video In Widgets

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I would like to allow video only in a widget on the sidebar of the Forums and I would like to control which video's show up there. (A video of the week type of thing.)

Or I may allow only video's and have the most recent video's added show up there.

Chris D

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For the purposes of promoting a video of the week, you could create a specific category and put specific videos in that category.

It's then possible to add a block anywhere (with a small template edit) which pulls media from only that category.
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One of things I really like about your system, by the way, as opposed to XenGallery is that sidebar that lists categories, etc.

Chris D

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Thank you.

A bit more detail on that.

An admin can define categories and decide what type of media (images or embedded videos) and who can view the categories and who can add media to the categories.

They're sort of like albums for the site, rather than albums that belong to particular people.

In addition to that, there is the user albums. These are entirely created by users. The albums do not appear in categories. They're completely separate from categories.

I think this gives the best of both worlds. Some people may not want albums. Some people may not want categories. Some people may want both.
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Very nice Chris- we're going to have a lot of video's on our site - the categories are going to be very helpful for viewers....and I like that users can create their own albums. :)