Pre-Sale Questions?

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Hello, it looks like you have a great product here! I've been watching it for many months now.

1. Do you offer an importer for CPG 1.5? Please, please me you do. I have seven distinct galleries all running on Coppermine, and it's about time I upgraded everything to a modern suite.

2. Do you offer batch / bulk uploading via FTP?

3. What's the largest gallery that can comfortably run on XMG? 100,000+ photos?

Chris D

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Thanks for the reply. I've been familiar with your work on XenForo and also from posting at The Admin Zone.

With your permission, I posted a suggestion for a Coppermine importer.
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Some other questions:
1. User group permissions? Example: visitors may only view thumbnails, members may view full size photos + comments + ratings

2. Drag-and-drop album and category sorting and management?

3. Are thumbnails always square?

4. How do you handle a category with hundreds of albums in the sidebar? Is there an automatic scroll-bar, or does the sidebar just extend?

Advanced features that might be nice:
1. Hot-link and right-click protection?

2. Batch add descriptions or tags?

In any case, you can tell that I'm conducting my due diligence. I am very much contemplating a move over to XF + XMG from IPS.

Chris D

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  1. There are usergroup permissions. Lots of them. There isn't for who can view thumbs vs full size images, though, that's been suggested before. There are permissions as to who can comment and rate, though.
  2. Just thought it worth noting at this point, there are two ways of containing images. Either categories or albums. Categories are nested containers created by admins in the Admin CP. Albums are not nested and are created by users. Users can rearrange their albums using a drag and drop feature, yes.
  3. No, thumbnails can be set to any dimension.
  4. Typically there wouldn't be hundreds of categories. Categories cannot contain albums, only images. If an admin created hundreds of categories, the sidebar would extend, yes.
The others:
  1. I feel that hot link protection is probably better implemented manually using htaccess and other server related methods. Though if you have any better ideas on how it should work, please make a suggestion. Right click isn't implemented and hasn't been suggested before so please make a suggestion thread for that, too.
  2. Tags can only be added to one media item at a time - I think there's possibly already a suggestion for this. Descriptions can be bulk added at the time of adding media, there's an option to "Set All Titles & Descriptions" which opens up some options to do that. You can also use Inline moderation to bulk edit titles and descriptions for existing media.
It's good that you're showing due diligence :) Keep the questions coming. Take your time.

Chris D

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1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png


Perm 1.png Perm 2.png

Ignore the permissions that suggest that Video uploads are a thing. That feature hasn't been implemented yet.
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Thanks. I'm poring through your settings right now.

Do you offer an image lossless optimization service in XMG? I would be impressed if you did.
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@Chris D In regards to one of my earlier questions about the square thumbnails ...

My problem is that I have a lot of vertical photos, so if I create my thumbnails to 300 x 300:
  • Will the longest photo_dimension fit to 300, and thus still retain the same ratio of the original photo
  • Will the smallest photo_dimension fit to 300, and thus fill the thumbnail area completely
Hope that makes sense.

A lot of my photos are of people (vertically oriented), so if the tops and bottoms are cropped you only get their torso in the middle.

Chris D

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Yeah some cropping occurs, especially with square or landscape thumbs.

It's not impossible to do portrait based thumbs, though:


A couple of those were from the ones you uploaded here.

I'm sure you're probably looking into another gallery add-on that handles thums very differently. It's an approach that admittedly works well with different aspect ratios. But overall I'm not a fan of the "masonry" style layout.

I do prefer to see a gallery of thumbs with a uniform layout, but I concur that this can lead to cropping in undesired positions. Though there might be something I can do about that in the future, e.g. giving the ability to select the crop area for the thumbnail.

There's no guarantee that will become a feature but it's potentially one solution.
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Mmm, it's not about the masonry style layout, which I don't like either for a well-ordered gallery. My concern is that the aspect ratio of the original photo is not kept, which will inevitably lead to cropping.

Would you think about adding in a display option that keeps the original ratio, so the full photo appears? Here's a sample album:

It won't be uniform layout of thumbs. But I'd rather visitors see the full photo, especially on galleries of people. I've run into major problems on cropped thumbnails where I literally only see torso after torso after torso because the heads and legs have been chopped off, and you have no idea who the person is, which makes the point of the thumbnail not-so-useful.

Perhaps, you could offer a setting for thumbnail resizing:
  • Fill thumbnail's aspect ratio
  • Keep original photo's aspect ratio
I don't support individual cropping per photos because ... too much work for uploader. It's not a bad idea on its own merits (actually it's a great idea), but it's an inefficient solution to fix photos one-by-one when you need a bulk solution.

In regards to aesthetic "uniformity," there are other easy design methods that you can employ, such as a very light border around the potential space of the thumbnail. That gives a semblance of order and keeps each thumbnail boxed into its own uniform area, while still letting the thumbnail be any size needed.


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I also think that's a bit of a problem. Because at first i was using my xenmedia just to embed videos. And the video thumbnails are square. And they look good square. After a couple months i decided to add images. When i uploaded i them the thumbnails were also square for the images. But then in some of them the heads were cut off. Square does not always look good for photos.
So i decided to change the size to Portrait. It made the images look good. But then the videos thumbnails do not look good in Protrait. So i'm stuck.
I wish there was a way to separately set the images and videos thumbnails to different sizes.
But then it would look weird if they were different sizes. I like uniform too.

Some other questions:
1. User group permissions? Example: visitors may only view thumbnails, members may view full size photos + comments + ratings
I suggested this here.
You can press like on it to show your support
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It's interesting that you brought up video vs photo thumbnails, I never thought about special sizes for videos. There might be a special section for video-related settings.

In general though, I hope that the aspect ratio of the original photo will be kept. Otherwise cropping occurs. And while that may be fine for landscape or nature or abstract photos, it's very bad for human subjects.
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Screenshots of the category and album manager please? Drag and drop support? Bulk options to edit / delete / move?

Just to make sure I understand XMG albums:
  • they are always user created
  • they are always top-level


Chris D

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The Admin manages categories here in the Admin CP:

Create New Category   Admin CP   Xen Media Gallery.png

Categories cannot have a custom order. You can change the order while you are viewing a category, e.g:

When you are viewing your own album, you have a link that allows you to customise the album order:


This interface is basically the same way drag and drop on XenForo multi quote works. There are also a couple of presets that allow you to sort by date ascending/descending and alphabetically ascending/descending too.

Everywhere in Xen Media Gallery you can use inline moderation on images to bulk manage them, similar to threads and posts.

You can move media from an album to a category, category to your own album, or to any one else's album (can be adjusted with permissions):


You can also bulk edit:


And you can also bulk delete etc.

Just to make sure I understand XMG albums:
  • they are always user created
  • they are always top-level
That is 100% correct.
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(Please let me know if you want me to post in the official XF forums.)

More questions:
1) I don't suppose you've created an importer for Coppermine Photo Gallery, or is this pending XMG 2.0?
2) Do you also provide paid conversions yourself? (For example, I may have you import one of my small galleries to make sure everything works smoothly, before I attempt the other galleries on my own.)