How to create a Real Estate Web Platform


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Though more and more real estate platforms are developing mobile apps, having a web platform is still important. Over 90 percent of real estate firms have websites, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Buying and selling houses are important decisions. So people don’t only swipe in mobile apps when it comes to buying a house. Most of them turn on their laptops to search thoroughly. And statistics collected by NAR show that 95 percent of all homebuyers are searching online. No wonder. Online search makes it easy for buyers to compare homes and choose the exact features they’re looking for.

A website also shows the credibility of a real estate business. It’s what gives the first impression to potential clients of a real estate agency. To make a strong first impression, a real estate web platform should work flawlessly and be handy for agents, brokers, home sellers, and home buyers.