Google Images?


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How does google images pick up the images? Does it use the file name or the title given to the pic once it's uploaded?


It uses a combination of things - context (surrounding text, etc.), alt tags, page titles and so on.

It doesn't appear as though there are alt tags on the images at the moment, perhaps the description would be useful here as that's what the alt="" attribute is intended for? Would help search engines a little, add compliancy and help accessibility.

Chris D

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Just noticed lack of alt tags myself.

I am not going to use the description text, though. I am going to use the title text.

The title text is more appropriate because a) it's required and it will always be there and b) the maximum length of a title field is more appropriate than a description which although can be trimmed, could then affect the context of the description.


Yeah, I was in two minds writing that - but on reflection I agree title is much better... (and the intended attribute). Good plan!