Generating pending invoices for customers


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Hi Chris,

I understand my license has expired, but I figured I'd report this bug so you can have it fixed for the next update, which I'll be happy to renew for.

I've just generated an invoice for a customer of mine and wanted to offer them a reduced price for one of my products. To do this, I went to List purchases > Add new purchase and filled in the details. I selected a Product, set its Purchase State to Pending, and entered a Total Price value.

After saving this invoice, my customer and I found no way for them to access it and pay for it. The only way I could offer them a discount was to create a coupon code for them.

So my question is, how do my customers pay for pending invoices which I've created for them?

Chris D

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It’s not really a bug as such, it’s just something that isn’t really designed to work like that.

Essentially the coupon code approach is the recommended way.

Alternatively they could pay you directly through some method and at that point you would create the purchase manually.