XR Product Manager Few feature questions before purchase


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Hey Chris!

I’ve got to say, I’m personally really impressed with this add on. I wish I had seen it sooner because the user upgrade system was tedious to customize.

Anyway, we have a forum with about 20k users and had a few specific questions regarding functionality.

1. Due to the large size of my site and hard work put into some products we’re distributing, we’d like some of these products are restricted to members who have verified themselves first. Not all products are sensitive in nature like this, though. Is there anyway to discriminate which products are purchasable to certain user groups? If not already built in, is it easy to modify a template for this discrimination with a basic isMemberOf check?

2. Is there any form of gifting products to other users? If not already built in, would it be difficult to implement ourselves?

3. Is there any support for fileless products like the official resource manager? Specifically just for assigning user groups? Could one just delete a file uploaded and unset the attachment from the database or would this cause problems/errors to appear?

4. When you extend a product, does the support period stack?

5. Sometimes our products need to go down for maintanance. We don’t want people to think the product has been discontinued, however. Is there a way to display products but disable purchasing? The way I did it for our user upgrade system was to iterate through each purchasable upgrade and check it’s ID manually, then display a message if it matched and hide the purchase button. I was personally worried that they may still be able to purchase it somehow, but no problems occurred. Is something like this possible? Would there be any problems with the presented above method?

Thanks for making my life easier!
- J