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I currenty have a huge collection of images stored with Coppermine Photo Gallery. I did a bulk upload to the gallery 7 years ago when I first started my website with vBulletin. I want to get away from Coppermine and am seriously considering XMG. Will I be able to create albums and bulk upload the images into XMG accordingly ?

Chris D

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In the next version of XMG, the process is:
  1. Click Add Media
  2. Select Category from list or select Album from list or click "Create new album"
  3. Give the album a name (if creating a new Album)
  4. Upload files. You can add multiple files at a time.
  5. Then you give each image a name, or mass apply the same name to all images.
It's pretty quick. Not too dissimilar from how it is now.

An importer for Coppermine isn't planned in the immediate future (but is a long term goal).
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I am trying to upload multiple files ( by selecting a range of files from my hard drive) into the XMG.
I get this message;
"Use the button above to upload an image. If you have a Flash enabled browser, you will be able to upload multiple images."
Can you advise on how to Flash enable my browser ?
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I have Flash enabled, but I was under the impression when I asked my initial question that multiple files can be selected an uploaded. I didn't realize that I was going to select individual files one at a time. I have thousands of images saved on a hard drive I wanted to bulk upload.
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Ok, I guess that's where I'm stuck. When I click on the Add Media button, I can only select one image at a time. What am I doing wrong, or what combinations of keys do I use to select more than one image at a time ?

Chris D

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You may have Flash uploading turned off at your site.

You can enable it in Admin CP > Options > Attachments: