Bulk download



Is it possible for certain usergroups to enable to download an entire category/set or album? Or select multiple images to download? Or an option for the admin?



Yes, that is what I mean. I favor this suggestion. But doesn't seem it has got a high priority?

Chris D

Xen Resources Developer
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Not many people have shown much support for it yet. The best indicator for me is seeing how many people "Like" the first post of the suggestion thread.

It's not a hard and fast rule, but it does help.

For example when deciding which importers to include in XMG 2.1, it was clear that Photopost/vBGallery were by far the most popular requests so I did these before IP.Gallery which will likely be in version XMG 2.2.

I do understand the desire to have this in a gallery product, though. I know popular image sharing sites like Imgur tend to have this. So this may be one of those that gets done sooner rather than later, but not likely for XMG 2.1 at this late stage.