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Hello Chris,

We are about to purchase XPM and just had a couple of questions to help in our planning stages.
We currently use Clickbank and a jimmy rigged custom plugin and are very much looking forward
to switching to Paypal with the help of your beautifully designed add-on.
Thank you for your well thought out, well supported, and much needed product manager.

1) We have 50,000+ members that all have anywhere from 2 to 40+ digital download products.
From your experience, will this be a Permissions hell to add them over to the accounts through XPM?

2) Only 10 of those 40+ products do we want to be seen by new customers for purchasing.
What Permissions would I need so that I can have old products seen by people who’ve purchased them without those products being available in the store?

3) We offer free products on sign up for our forum users that automatically gets added to their account.
When I add my free products to XPM, will it require new users to add those free products to their cart and “checkout” or can it just show up in their account once they sign up by using a registered user group, etc.?

Thank you for your time and thank you in advance for the wonderful product.
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Chris D

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  1. There is some existing code in XPM that imports products and licenses from an old XF add-on called Good For Nothing Product Manager. If you have a load of old data you want to bring across, and you have someone familiar with PHP then they may be able to use that as an example to code a way to import them across.
  2. Unfortunately there isn't any functionality that would allow this. All products are visible to everyone who has permission to view products.
  3. Unfortunately the free products do need to be added to the cart and complete the Checkout. There's nothing that can handle this automatically.
Hope that helps
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1. That is really helpful thank you.
2. Not a problem, we might be able to do a work around.
3. This might actually be fine as it will get our customers used to the purchasing process.

Thank you so much for the fast reply!
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Hello Chris,

We've purchased XPM and are happy to get started!
Again thank you for this wonderful add-on and your amazing support!

I just have a couple of most likely obvious questions.

1. We will be testing the system on our back up website so we can work out all the bugs before we make it live.
In the licensing area, I've added our back up site as the URL. When we go to make it live on our main site, would we just switch that URL to our main site's URL? Or are there other things that need to be done in order to switch the license over?

2. Is the 50.00 GBP for XPM a one time payment and the 20.00 GBP for upgrades every year after? Or is the XPM product a yearly payment to use no matter if you choose to get support/upgrades?

Thank you so much and we look forward to using your much needed add-on!

Chris D

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1) Yes just change the URL.

2) 50 GBP is a one time payment. The 20GBP is for support and upgrades but is entirely optional. After the year is up you can continue using the product but you won't have any access to support or upgrades.